Zengin ve Yoksul Turkish Drama Cast

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Zengin ve Yoksul 

Zengin ve Yoksul Turkish Drama Cast, Plot, Story and almost every thing of Zengin Ve Yoksul dizi Turkish series.

Original title: Zengin ve Yoksul
Production: NTC Medya
Producer: Mehmet Yigit Alp / Mehmet Yiğit Alp
Director: Deniz Yorulmazer / Deniz Yorulmazer
Screenwriter: Hatice Meryem, Yelda Eroglu / Hatice Meryem, Yelda Eroğlu
Genre: Drama
Premiere: 04/07/2019 on ATV

Zengin ve Yoksul Turkish Drama Cast

Zengin ve Yoksul Turkish Drama Cast

A series about how arrogant and ambitious those who get everything they want become; and how ambitious and evil those who cannot achieve the desired become.

In Istanbul, there are two different houses and two different worlds in one area .

The Beringiller family, struggling with poverty, and their relatives Erdemliler, rich and looking down.

Berrin – forced to endure humiliation until she crosses the bridge … Nihal – wanting to cross this bridge in one step  Veli – unwilling to even cross the bridge.

And Aysel – dreaming of breaking the bridge. Aysel no longer wants to accept handouts from wealthy relatives.

She doesn’t want to carry things behind her rich cousin Aleina; she doesn’t want her aunt to send her mom home every time she cries.

Aysel can catch fire from a single spark. In the midst of this fire, Karan, her great love, dwells inside the heart. Karan betrayed the beloved man, and now digs a grave for his enemy.

Two young people dream of revenge, so they build a love trap. Perhaps for the most innocent character in this story – for Aleina Erdemli.

While Aysel stays between her anger and family ties, Karan rushes between two girls in love. In this war, where everyone is doomed to lose, can love reach a happy ending?

Previously, the series was planned to be called Poor Relatives / Yoksul Akraba



Gökhan Alkan – Karan
Damla Jolbay / Damla Colbay – Aysel
Binnur Kaya – Berrin
Osman Sonant – Yavuz Erdemli
Tuna Orhan – Veli Tashtan
Sacide Taşaner – Nefice Erdemli
Gülcan Arslan / Nühal
Elif Doğan – Aleina Erdemli
Eren Hacısalihoğlu – Aziz
Evrim Solmaz – Meral Erdemli
Tanem Özer

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