Yuvamdaki Dusman The Enemy In My House

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Yuvamdaki Dusman, Meaning The Enemy In My House is popular Turkish Romantic TV Series cast by Nebahat Çehre, Pamir Pekin and Asli Tandogan.This article is all about Yuvamdaki Dusman Story, Cast, Episodes and more.

Yuvamdaki Dusman

Yuvamdaki Dusman


Murat and Yasemin are a young family that all their life dreamed of only one thing: to live in harmony and happiness, which increased with surplus after the birth of a child. Now Murat and Yasemin are an example to follow, because the goodness they radiate and a sense of well-being will be enough for millions of people like them.

Murart does everything for his wife and future heir. And Yasemin feels strong and reliable support. It would seem that the family lives in a strong, indestructible castle. But this feeling continues exactly until the moment when Jeren appears in their house. A young girl is hired as a nanny. She envies Yasemin, who has everything that almost every woman dreams of: a kind, caring husband, wealth, a small child.

Yasemin managed to achieve what only a few can afford. Jeren plans to thwart the happiness of the young couple. The girl is ready to do anything to ensure that Murat abandoned Yasemin and provided her with a rich, fulfilling life. Children’s dreams turn into insidious plans that will create many obstacles on the way to the eternal love of Murat and Yasemin. Jeren is making progress, some of her plans turn into problems. But will the heroine of the series Enemy in my house manage to destroy her family?

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Cast: Nebahat Çehre, Asli Tandogan,Pamir Pekin, Ece Çesmioglu,Pelin Öztekin, Hakan Dinçkol, Riza Akin, Sultan Köroglu Kiliç,Dogac Yildir. 

We will sooner update more information about Yuvamdaki Dusman (Meaning: The Enemy In My House) drama series. Keep us your suggestions about what other tv series you would like to watch.

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