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This article is about Yetim Gönüller Cast, Story, Plot, Episodes (bölüm), Story and more details about Turkish TV Series in comedy and romantic genre.

Yetim Gönüller Cast

Yetim Gönüller Cast


Story/ Plot

Literally from the moment the unfortunate Asa was born, she is constantly out of luck. When the protagonist of the Turkish series Lonely Hearts ( Yetim Gonuller) was very small, her parents tragically die.

Like every child, Asya was very attached to mom and dad, so she was very uneasy. After the funeral, the sister decides to take her niece to her and continue to educate her. After all, the girl risked being in a local shelter, which was unacceptable for her aunt.

In addition to Asya, the woman has a son, and the woman does everything possible so that both children do not need anything. Since the aunt of the girl did not have a husband, she herself provided for the children, spending almost all her free time at work. It is evident that the woman is making every effort, not giving herself reason to stumble.

In the Turkish series Lonely Hearts intertwine the fates and stories of people from different classes. The second main character of the picture is Kerem – a guy of a spoiled upbringing, but also with emotional injuries.

Despite the fact that Kerem is not working and is used to living at the expense of his dad, he thinks that all women are the same and treats the opposite sex with a degree of contempt. And the reason was the act of his own mother, who at one point decided to leave the family. Kerem is practically unfamiliar with maternal care and affection, so he does not get along very well with girls.

Fate decided to bring the guy to Asya, and as a result, he completely changes his views. He does not dare to confess to himself that he has become a hostage of love. Kerem is frightened by new emotions, but Asya’s purity and sincerity of feelings change his character. The wedding was loud and chic. A young married couple thinks that they will always be happy, but life decides to lead them along the path of trials.

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