Yaprak Dökümü Cast

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Yaprak Dökümü Cast, Story, Plot, Episodes, Actors and more information about Turkish famous TV Series. Cast by Khalil Ergun, Guven Hockna, Bennu Yıldırımlar, Gokce Bahadir.

Yaprak Dökümü Cast

Yaprak Dökümü Cast


Story/ Plot

Together with his wife, Hairie lived in a small town, where they actually raised their five children. It is not difficult to guess that in such a large family a strict atmosphere of morality reigns. But, one day, the main characters of this television series move to Istanbul, where the middle daughter will be able to continue her studies. However, while none of the protagonists even suspect what changes await them in Istanbul.

While each of them is gradually trying to adapt to their new life, the main characters immediately rush to the abyss of conflict and disappointment. But Ali Ryza watches as his own children gradually move away from him, they are like leaves that at the time of leaf fall fly away from the tree.

One of the main features of this series is that the viewer is served quite brightly, smartly and subtly. The main characters of this fascinating series will face love, betrayal, betrayal and other life difficulties, which they simply must overcome on their way. In addition to all of the above, it is worth noting the fact that this story is saturated with both deep and vivid emotions that will make the Turkish series “Fall of Falls” more interesting and fascinating. And, no matter how trite it may sound, but this television series is able to disturb the viewer to the core. Leaf fall is a series for the whole family, in which everyone will find their own highlight.

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Khalil Ergun
Guven Hockna
Bennu Yıldırımlar
Gokce Bahadir
Fahriye Evgen
Caner Courtaran
Denise Chakyr
Bulent Fil
Sedef Avji

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