Yalancı Bahar Popular Turkish TV Series

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Here is all about Yalancı Bahar Popular Turkish TV Series Cast, Story, Plot, Episodes and more. Cast by Nil gulec unsal, Ozlem dumludag, Atilla unsal, Emre ozdur, Savas Saylan.

Yalancı Bahar Popular Turkish TV Series

Yalancı Bahar Popular Turkish TV Series



“False spring” is a very interesting story, the events of which are watched by millions of people around the world. And frankly, this is not surprising because this is a Turkish series, and we all know that the series in this country are always interesting and exciting.

The focus of this wonderful series is the Karaman family, which in turn is one of the most famous and respected families in Istanbul. One of the main heroines of this story is a young girl named Zeynep – the daughter of this family. She, together with her husband Mahmet, is raising a wonderful son, whom they named Omer.

At first glance, it might seem that they have a wonderful life, which everyone dreams of, in principle, that is how it is, because they have everything they can only dream of. That’s just Zeynep hides a secret about which she did not tell anyone.

Moreover, this secret haunts the girl almost all her life. And then one day, she simply can’t keep it to herself and therefore, she decided to share her secret, she’ll just come out of this, maybe it would be better for her to be silent, as she did for many years? Because this secret can turn badly against her.

Well, if you want to know what kind of secret Zeynep kept, you need to start watching the Lying Spring series right now, and believe me, you will get a lot of pleasure from watching this Turkish television series.



Nil gulec unsal
Ozlem dumludag
Atilla unsal
Emre ozdur
Savas Saylan

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