What nationality is Keri Russell?

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Keri Russell is an American actress, Her full name is Keri Lynn Russell. She was born March 23, 1976 in Fountain Valley, California. 


What nationality is Keri Russell?

What nationality is Keri Russell?

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Keri’s mother is Stephanie Russell’s housewife, and her father is David Russell, a senior businessman and Nissan executive.

Keri  has an older brother Todd and a younger sister, Julia. Due to the busy father of a businessman, the family often moved, and the childhood of the future film actress passed in different American states – Arizona and Colorado. From her youth, Keri was engaged in dancing, attended a choreographic studio.

The first appearance on the screen of Keri Russell took place in 1991 as part of the legendary Mickey Mouse Club show of the Disney channel along with other future celebrities – Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. She starred in Mickey Mouse Club for several years.

In 1992, Carey played in the comedy “Darling, I have a baby”, in 1993 the girl took part in the filming of the sitcom “The guy gets to know the world”.

In 1995, viewers saw Keri in an episode of the series “Married … with Children.”

From 1998 to 2002, Russell starred in the role of the main character Felicity Porter in the series “Felicity”. For this role in 1999, the actress was awarded the prestigious Golden Globe film award.

Keri later played the wife of an American soldier in the military drama “We Were Soldiers,” directed by Randall Wallace, released in March 2002. Actors Mel Melton, Madeleine Stowe and Greg Kinnear also starred in this film based on real events.

From 2010 to 2011, the comedy series The Taming of the Wild was released, where Keri Russell played the role of Emmy. Keri later appeared in Christopher Neal’s comedy Goats (2012) and the Austinland melodrama (2013) directed by Jerusha Hess.

Since 2013, Keri Russell has been starring in the TV series The Americans. In 2014, the film Planet of the Apes: Revolution, Matt Reeves, is based on the novel by the French writer Pierre Bull. In this tape, Keri Russell starred in the title role.

In February 2007, Keri married carpenter Shane Deary. In June 2007, the couple had a son, River Russell Diri, and in December 2011, the daughter of Will Lou Diri. Since the beginning of summer 2013, the couple have been living separately.

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