Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky – Most Popular Russian’s

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Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky – Most Popular Russian’s

Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky (12/12/1925 – 12/25/2017) – composer and actor, laureate of the USSR State Prize. He left a huge layer of cultural heritage in children’s music of the Soviet era.


Shainsky was born on December 12, 1925 in Kiev in the family of chemist Yakov Borisovich and biologist Ita Mendelevna. No one thought that the further biography of Shainsky Vladimir Yakovlevich would be related to music. However, from the age of 9 he began to comprehend the art of playing the violin, and the next year he found himself in a special school class at the Kiev Conservatory.


With the beginning of the invasion of Nazi troops in Ukraine, Shainsky at the age of 16 was evacuated with his parents to Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, he continued his studies at the local conservatory, and in the third year of the war he was mobilized in the Red Army.


Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky - Most Popular Russian's

Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky – Most Popular Russian’s


Private Shainsky served in a communications regiment in Central Asia. During the years of service, he wrote the first song about the difficult service of signalmen.

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In 1945, Vladimir Yakovlevich entered the orchestra faculty of the Moscow Conservatory. Having finished it, until 1948 he worked with Leonid Utesov, and later began to teach children the violin.

In 1962, Shainsky went to Azerbaijan, where he was going to study as a composer in Baku. After two years of study, using his knowledge, he wrote a symphony. Vladimir Yakovlevich was a big fan of P.I. Tchaikovsky.

After graduating, the career of Vladimir Yakovlevich began to develop rapidly: more than 400 musical compositions and songs were written, and most of the compositions were written specifically for children.


Vladimir Shainsky for his achievements in the development of Soviet and Russian culture and art was awarded three orders and was awarded many prizes and distinctions.

Despite the love of Vladimir Yakovlevich for children, he became a father himself quite late. He was always a very busy person and could work out several concerts in a day, but the usual men’s housework was not enough for him.

He married at 46; his wife Natalya was a quarter of a century younger than her husband. In 1987, the firstborn was born – the son of Joseph.


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The family broke up after years, but the son still continued to communicate with his father.

At the age of 58, Shainsky marries a second time. He marries Svetlana, who is 41 years older. They lived together for more than 30 years and raised 2 children. Vyacheslav became a sound engineer, and Anna left to live with her parents in the United States.

The wife was both an assistant and a comrade. Shainsky refused to learn English and Svetlana translated everything and everywhere.


In recent years, the Shain family lived most of the time in the United States or Israel. While health allowed, he tried to lead an active lifestyle. He loved skiing, cycling, spent free time in large friendly companies.

Vladimir Yakovlevich seemed to feel the approaching date of death – the doctors had cancer of the stomach. In the United States, he underwent an operation that delayed death. He died at 93 on California soil.

Vladimir Shainsky forever immortalized his name in tunes familiar from childhood. His work includes compositions for cartoons about Cheburashka and about a friendly company from the village of Prostokvashino, “Katerok”, “Little Raccoon”, to the children’s television magazine “Carousel”.

The fruits of his work are melodies for the song “Clouds” and the films “School Waltz”, “Finist – The Clear Falcon”, “Breakfast on the Grass”. Light, laid-back, recognizable and easily remembered melodies still sound at many children’s parties.

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