Vladimir Vdovichenko Popular Russian Actor

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Vladimir Vdovichenko is a Popular Russian Actor, Here is his biography, About his Life, Marriages, Wife, Children, Films, TV Shows,Family and more. 

Vladimir was born on August 13, 1971 in the Kaliningrad region in the city of Gusev, where he lived all his childhood and youth. In his youth he attended the boxing section.

In 1989, the actor completed his studies at the Kronstadt Nautical School No. 42, and the next four years he served in the Northern Fleet.

Vladimir Vdovichenko Popular Russian Actor
Vladimir Vdovichenko Popular Russian Actor

Vdovichenko’s father worked as a senior mechanic at the plant. Mother is a senior engineer. Vladimir’s elder sister is engaged in the restaurant business. The younger brother of Vladimir, Konstantin, is engaged in media advertising.

The actor from a very early age adored cinema, claimed that his ideological mentor was Jean-Claude Van Damme. His dream was destined to come true, and he decided to try his hand at VGIK.

During the training in preparatory courses, the guy worked as a waiter at the same time, and then got a job at the Paris Life club-restaurant.

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In 1997, he successfully entered VGIK in the patronage of the notorious G. G. Taratorkin and successfully completed his studies.

During his student days he was involved in cinema, in episodes of films and videos.
In 2002, Alexei Sidorov offered a student, who at that time was considered a fourth-year student, one of the main roles in the series “The Brigade”.

For a long time he worked in the theater of the Moscow Council. Since the beginning of 2002, he participated in the troupe of the theater named after E. Vakhtangov.

For the first time, an actor married at the age of 18 of a girl with whom he studied at school, only in a parallel class. Then the second time – at 20 years old, and the third time – at 27 years old.

He has a son from his second marriage, born in 1993, who lives in St. Petersburg. The third wife gave birth to his daughter Veronica in 2005. In 2014, the couple divorced.

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Some media claim that on November 17, 2010, Vladimir was wounded in the very center of Moscow. The accident occurred due to misunderstanding on the road. Vdovichenkov had a conflict with the driver of another car, and during the battle Vladimir struck the face of another driver, in response to which he received a gunshot wound.

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