Vladimir Tishko – Popular Russians in the World

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Vladimir Tishko – Popular Russians in the World

Vladimir was born on December 25, 1969. In the early years of his life he attend to the School of Performing Arts, where he studied at the faculty of theater and film actor.

Like any young man, and even more Vladimir tried to earn a living in various ways. He was a actor as well as a musician. At 18, he went to serve in the army.

Vladimir Tishko Popular Russian's in the World
Vladimir Tishko – Popular Russians in the World

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He began to play in the Russian Psychological Theater. The first appearance on television in the biography of Tishko took place in 2001.

Then he began to lead the program “Newlyweds” on the STS channel. This show was followed by another one – “Honeymoon”, on the same channel. Then the face of Vladimir became known to  woman and popular after he starred in an advertisement for washing powder.

Finally, since 2003, Vladimir became the host of the program “Moscow – Instructions for Use”, which aired on TNT.

Vladimir Tishko married at 24, but the marriage did not last long. Then again in 2008, he married the actress Emilia Vishnevskaya.

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