Vivir a destiempo Cast

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This article is all about Vivir a destiempo Cast, Plot, Summary, and more. Vivir a destiempo meaning in English is Living Untimely, It’s Popular Mexican Spanish TV Series.

Vivir a destiempo Cast

Vivir a destiempo Cast


Plot & Story

Paula is a married, selfless and submissive woman, the prototype of an ordinary Mexican housewife.

With Rogelio, whom she had been married for 22 years, they have two children – Daniel and Tanya. Rogelio is much older than Paula, in addition to being tyrannical and a woman-hater, with his outbursts of rage, he ruined family life.

In the life of Paula, Alejandro appears, who was her young boyfriend, in love with her in the past. However, a number of circumstances forced them to break off the relationship, mainly pressure from Father Paula, who did not approve of their relationship.

On the other hand, Alejandro, who eventually married Amparo and gave birth to her son Eduardo, but they divorced, since he was tired of her whims and betrayals.

The reunion of Paula and Alejandro was accidental, as her daughter Tanya and his son Eduardo became friends and fell in love. Paula now feels that life gives her a second chance, and decides to confront Rogelio and put an end to the marriage.

She seeks work and begins to feel helpful and proud of her independence. Paula and Alejandro are ready to give themselves a chance to be happy, because they could not be in the past, but secrets, conflicts, betrayals and lies, combined with the machinations of Rohelio and Amparo threaten to separate them again.

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Production Info

Original title: Vivir a destiempo
Production: Azteca Trece
Producer: Jacky Castro
Director: Fides Velasco
Screenwriter: Eric Vonn
Genre: Soap Opera
Premiere: February 25, 2013
Number of episodes: 150 episodes



Edith González – Paula Duarte
Ramiro Fumazoni – Alejandro Monroy
Humberto Zurita – Rogelio
Andrea Noli – Sonya
Juan Manuel Bernal – Pato
Verónica Merchant – Christina
José González Márquez – Felix
Martha Verduzco – Carolina
Wendy de los Cobos – Amparo
Víctor Huggo Martín – Salvador
Gabriela Roel – Eleanor
Rafael Sánchez Navarro – Martin
Marcela Guirado – Tanya
Carlos Marmen – Daniel
María Renée Prudencio – Beatriz
Luciano Zacharski – Eduardo

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