Velho Chico Elenco (Cast)

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Velho Chico Elenco (Cast) – This article is all about Velho Chico English meaning is Old River, It is one of the most popular Brazilian TV Series with 173 episodes.

Velho Chico Elenco (Cast)

Velho Chico Elenco (Cast)


The plot of the series takes place in two stages – the 1960s and 20 years later.

On the banks of the San Francisco River, there are two families that have been competing with each other for many years.

They both produce cotton. Colonel Jacintu wants to take away the lands of the Dos Anjos family. And once during a dispute, Colonel Hasintu dies, and instead Afraniu, his son, becomes the head of the family.

Afraniu never liked the way his father conducts business, and he decided that he would not become the same as he was domineering. He falls in love with Leonor, and despite the fact that she is from a poor class, marries her. And they have a daughter Maria Theresa.

However, power and money did their job – Afraniu also continues his father’s struggle for land. This went on for many years And his daughter Maria Teresa falls in love with Santa, one of the sons of Dos Anjos.

But can young people be together despite the hostility of their families?

The series is nominated for the prestigious Emmy-2017 award in the category “Best Telenovel of the Year”



Rodrigo Santoro – Afranio
Carol Castro – Yolanda
Julia Dalavia – Maria Theresa
Renato Góes – Santo
Selma Egrei – Encarnau
Rodrigo Lombardi – Captain Ernesto Rosa
Tarcísio Meira – Jacinto
Fabiula Nascimento – Eulalia
Chico Díaz – Belmiro

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Original title: Velho Chico
Production: Rede Globo
Producer: Bárbara Monteiro
Director: Benedito Ruy Barbosa
Screenwriter: Luis Alberto de Abreu, Benedito Ruy Barbosa, Edmara Barbosa
Genre: Telenovela
Premiere: March 14, 2016
Number of episodes: 173

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