Vdova Famous Russian Serial

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This article is about Vdova Famous Russian Serial, Seasons, Episodes, Story, Plot and Productions. Vdova cast by Victoria Tolstoganova, Evgeny Sidikhin, Alexey Makarov.

Vdova Famous Russian Serial

Vdova Famous Russian Serial

Many would dream of living like Polina Vorontsova (Victoria Tolstoganova). She has a wonderful loving husband and three healthy and beautiful children. And also no problems with money.

Her family, including her authoritative father, is respected in the city. And to all this, villas with pools, yachts, expensive cars and other attributes of luxury are attached.

But Polina’s perfect glossy world collapses in an instant when her husband is killed and the dolce vita turns to the unfortunate widow with its reverse side.

Now Polina is forced to pay for the fact that she stubbornly turned a blind eye to the truth – her husband, and her father and brother are port smugglers who are “not squeamish” about drugs.

And her beloved was killed because he stole the goods from a person who could not be “touched” under any circumstances – from the main drug lord of the Schiller region (Eugene Sidikhin). And now, Polina must pay him a debt for her husband either stolen drugs, or a huge amount of money.

True, there is one problem – cocaine disappeared somewhere, but the woman has absolutely no money, because all her finances were managed by her late husband. Really, in order to pay, Pauline will have to take her husband’s drug business into her own hands?

The Russian series “Widow” is an adaptation of the successful Dutch format “Penoza”, owned by Endemol Shine Group.

The format has already proved successful in several countries: the first season of “Renoza” was released in the Netherlands in 2010 and raised the average channel performance in the slot by 55%, and the final episode of the third season, in 2013, was watched by more than a million viewers.

Launched in 2011, the Polish adaptation was a resounding success with the audience, also, the series successfully passed in Belgium. A book was released based on the Penoza series.

In 2013, the ABC channel premiered the American version of the series called “Red Widow” (“Red Widow”), which brought the series worldwide fame.

Filming of the Russian version of the series took place in Kaliningrad.

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Director: Igor Sternberg with the participation of Alexey Chistikov

Scenario: Alexandra Abdrekhimova, Mikhail Shulman

Actors: Victoria Tolstoganova, Evgeny Sidikhin, Alexey Makarov, Vladimir Yumatov and others

Channel: NTV

Production: White Media

Aired: C March 7, 2016

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