Vatanım Sensin Turkish Dizi Plot and Cast

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Here is all the information about Vatanım Sensin Turkish Dizi Plot and Cast.

Production: O3 Medya
Executive Producer: Onur Güvenatam / Onur Güvenatam
Producer: Nermin Eroлуlu / Nermin Eroğlu
Directors: Yagmur Taylan, Durul Taylan / Yağmur Taylan, Durul Taylan
Scenario: Necati Шахahin, Nuran Evren Şit
Music: Serdar Ateşer / Serdar Ateşer

Vatanım Sensin Turkish Dizi Plot and Cast
Vatanım Sensin Turkish Dizi Plot and Cast

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Azize lives with three children and her mother-in-law, struggling with difficulties.

In the absence of her husband, whom she loves more than life, during the war years, fighting difficulties she raises her children.

In 1919, Yildiz became a beautiful girl who has great ambitions. And Hilal is a warlike girl madly in love with her country and fighting for it.

Ali Kemal is a guy trying to put up with a secret secret that he has learned to himself and living suffering because of love.

Azize to cope with the problem of each of the children, and learning that Izmir will be occupied by the Greeks, they fall into despair. But this occupation will lead them to the man whom they lost many years ago. But under completely unexpected circumstances.

The spring of 1919 will be the last and hardest test for the people tired of the war, and the beginning of a new period in the life of Jevdet and Azize.

Under the shadow of the shadow of visible and invisible enemies, their paths again intersect, and at this intersection, their whole lives will be turned upside down.

They will survive victories and defeats, separation and reunion, will burn with the fire of hope and depression, and they will know what true love, true fidelity, true betrayal are.

The series “You Are My Homeland” about the situation of people who remained between their conscience and the struggle for life in those ruthless war times, about those who again try to revive their love, about a family trying to keep together despite everything, about that difficult road leading from captivity to freedom.


Halit Ergenç – Jevdet
Bergüzar Korel / Bergüzar Korel – Azize
Onur Saylak – Tevfik
Pınar Deniz – Yıldız
Miray Daner – Hilal
Kubilay Aka / Ali Kemal
Boran Kuzum – Leon
Celile Toyon – Hasibe
Shebnem Hassanisoughhi / Şebnem Hassanisoughi – Eftalya
Senan Kara – Veronica
Baki Davrak – Vasily

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