Valery Leontiev Russian-Soviet singer

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This article is about Valery Leontiev Russian-Soviet singer, His Biography, Life, Wife, Songs, 2020 info, Awards, and many more.
Valery Leontiev Russian-Soviet singer

Valery Leontiev Russian-Soviet singer

Born in the Komi Republic, in the village of Ust-Usa.

At first, Leontiev dreamed of becoming an oceanologist, but after school he applied to GITIS. However, embarrassment in front of metropolitan students forced him to pick up the documents and return to his parents, in Yuryevets.

There he had to work hard at a brick factory, then a flax mill. At the same time, other professions were tried for Leontyev in his biography: a tailor, an electrician, a postman.

Then Leontiev went to study at the branch of the Leningrad Mining Institute Plekhanov, located in Vorkuta. Even hard work and studies did not force Valery to abandon creativity. His first concert was held in April 1972 in the Palace of Culture of miners and builders of the city of Vorkuta.

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Then, after winning the Syktyvkar competition, Leontiev went to study at the Vinogradov All-Russian Creative Workshop of Pop Art, but returned to Syktyvkar a year later. 1972 in the biography of Valery Leontyev was marked by the creation of the Echo group.

After Leontiev won first place at the All-Union competition of performers, the singer also distinguished himself at the Golden Orpheus festival. It was these two victories that served as the impetus for creative development.

In 1985 he was officially recognized by presenting the Lenin Komsomol Prize, in 1987 he was named Honored Artist of Ukraine. Then Leontiev graduated from the directing department of the Leningrad Institute of Culture.

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Leontiev began acting in films since 1981, since then 9 films have been released with his participation. In 1966, he received the title of People’s Artist of Russia. In addition, he owns many awards and prizes.

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