Ukrainian film won in the Mystic Film Festival

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The Ukrainian horrors seemed to foreign lovers the most terrible – the film “Stranger” was recognized as the best at the festival in the United States.

Dmitri Tomashpolsky’s Stranger film received the Best Foreign Feature Film Award at the Monsters of Horror International Film Festival on February 14-16 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, according to the Goskino website.

12 full-length horror and SCI-FI films from France, Sweden, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Romania, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Poland were selected for the competition program.

The star guests of the festival were the performers of the roles of monsters in the films Friday, 13, Halloween, and Hunter, who awarded the winners in the characters of their films.

This is the ninth international Award from the Stranger. In Ukrainian film distribution, the film is expected this year.

According to the plot, the synchronized swimming team disappears underwater in the pool during the performance, and the patient of the hydropathic center disappears while taking a coniferous-pearl bath. How are these things connected and why is there a doll with live hair? This will have to be investigated by Inspector Glukhovskaya, in whose career there is not a single unsolved case. And yet – she will have to find out who she really is.

The director and scriptwriter of the film is Dmitry Tomashpolsky. The main roles were played by Anastasia Evtushenko and Dasha Tregubova. The tape was created by the Gagarin Media Film Company with the support of the State Film Agency of Ukraine.

The State Film Agency of Ukraine last year banned showing five films. Among them are films produced in Russia, the USA and France, as well as a film starring the current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, as evidenced by the list of banned films published on the Goskino website.

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