Tutsak Romantic Turkish Dizi

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Tutsak Romantic Turkish Dizi, Here is all about Story, Plot, Cast and more information. Tutsak is beautiful romantic Turkish drama cast by Yasar Aydinlioglu and Ece Baykal.

Tutsak Romantic Turkish Dizi

Tutsak Romantic Turkish Dizi

Story /Plot

The series  Tutsak (Meaning captive) is produced by 1441 Yapım. The main roles are played by Gulper Ozdemir (Derya from “Unhappy Destiny”) and Pamir Pekin (Hazer from “Song of Life”). The picture will acquaint you with the difficult fate of one woman.

Elif is a young lady with an optimistic, perky and cheerful character, looking at the world through the prism of love, hope and beauty. But she is destined for the unenviable fate of marrying a man much older than herself. Like a captive, the girl is locked in the house of her lawful husband Sadullah, without the right to her own opinion and even walk the streets.

The dirty secrets that haunt the Gyurkhan family enable Sadullah to use this information with impunity for his own purposes, but one day he disappears without a trace, leaving Elif alone with a world unfamiliar to her. The driver, working in the Gyurkhan family, offers her his help in a difficult situation. The heroine is hired to work in a luxurious mansion, where every inhabitant and colleague is ready to go to any lengths to protect their secrets.

As events unfold, interest in Elif begins from the eldest son of the family – Kenan. A young girl begins to realize that the only way to break free from captivity is to be able to keep her feet firmly on her feet and not face difficulties. However, Elif has to be especially careful, as the path she has chosen is very fragile.

Cast by

Yasar Aydinlioglu
Ece Baykal
Sesil Ece Gökseven
Senay Gürsoy
Reyhan Ilhan
Türkan Kiliç
Ibrahim Muratoglu
Demir Parscan
Tayfun Sav

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