Turkish No 309 TV Series Cast

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Turkish TV series Number 309  Season 2 and Season 1, Here is the Summary, Plot and Cast. Number 309 is cast by Demet Ozdemir, Furkan Palaly and Sumru Yavrudzhuk.

Turkish No 309 TV Series Cast

Turkish No 309 TV Series Cast

Plot / Summary  

It is not uncommon for us to feel frustrated when we truly muster the courage to confess our feelings. Many people close down after a failed relationship. Their hearts are not ready to be hit again. The Turkish TV series Number 309 tells the story of a girl named Lale. She has experienced grief that can ruin the life of any woman. The girl was abandoned on the eve of the wedding.

Lale has been traumatized for many years. In addition, the heroine made a firm decision: not to allow herself to fall in love. From that moment on, everything that concerns his personal life, Lale desperately avoids. But her mother, wishing her daughter happiness, is unable to watch her daughter fade. She begins to introduce the girl to stately men. But Lale stubbornly refuses her mother in response to requests to agree to a date. One fine morning, Lale listens to her mother and goes to meet with a mysterious stranger.

The girl only knows that the man is a doctor. Onur, one of the main characters of the series No. 309 / No: 309, was supposed to arrive at the cafe, but he did not show up on time. The girl had no choice but to wait. Onur did appear, but he was a completely different man with the same name. Coincidentally, Lale suddenly realized that she really liked the guy who had sat down at the table. But will Onur be exactly who the girl expected to meet?

Well for find the answer you should watch this amazing drama. It’s one of the best and amazing drama from Turkey.


Cast by

Demet Ozdemir,

Furkan Palaly,

Sumru Yavrudzhuk,

Sevinch Erbulak,

Ozlem Tokaslan,

Suat Sungur,

Beyti Engin,

Gokce Ozyol,

Fatma Toptash,

Mehmed Ercan,

Pelin Ulukshar , etc.


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