Triunfo del Amor Cast

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Triunfo del Amor Cast, Plot, Story, Production, Episodes, Season and Other Information. 

Triunfo del Amor Cast

Triunfo del Amor Cast

Story/ Plot

Victoria Gutierez worked as a servant in a rich mansion, she falls in love with the owners’ son, but his mother, Bernard, exposes the girl when she finds out about it. And she is pregnant.

Victoria gives birth to a girl, works as a seamstress, lives quietly for about three years. Until Bernard takes up her again, she wants to kill Victoria.

However, she survives, but loses the child. The girl goes to the shelter, grows hating her mother because she abandoned her.

Maria does not know how things really were, that her mother considers her dead. And now, many years later, Victoria is already a businesswoman, she has her own Fashion House, she is married and brings up two children of her husband from another woman  Max and Fernand.

One day, Maria, dreaming of becoming a model, starts working at Victoria Fashion House and falls in love with Max. And Victoria herself, not knowing that she is her daughter, is arrogant towards the girl and is trying to separate her from Max.


Original title: Triunfo del Amor
Production: Telenovela
Producer: Delia Fiallo
Director: Jorge Édgar Ramirez, Alberto Díaz
Screenwriter: Liliana Abud, Ricardo Fiallega
Composer: Osvaldo Farres
Genre: Soap Opera
Premiere: October 25, 2010
Number of episodes: 176

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Victoria Ruffo – Victoria Gutierez de Sandoval
Maite Perroni – Maria
William Levy – Maximiliano (Max)
Diego Olivera – Padre Juan Pablo
César Évora – Heriberto
Guillermo García Cantú – Guillermo
Erika Buenfil – Antoneto
Dominika Paleta – Jimena
Pablo Montero – Cruz Robles
Mónica Ayos – Leonala
Mark Tacher – Alonso
Osvaldo Ríos – Osvaldo
Daniela Romo – Doña Bernarda
Salvador Pineda – Rodolfo
Pilar Pellicer – Eva Dream
Manuel “Flaco” Ibáñez – Don Napo

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