Tres veces Ana Popular Mexican TV Series Cast

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Tres veces Ana Popular Mexican TV Series Cast, Story, Summary, Plot and More information. Tres veces Ana Cast by Angelique Boyer, Sebastian Rulli , etc.


Tres veces Ana Popular Mexican TV Series Cast
Tres veces Ana Popular Mexican TV Series Cast

Story / Plot

This is the story of the triplets – Ana Leticia, Ana Laura, Ana Lucia. Sisters who had a car accident with their parents.

Parents died, but the girls themselves escaped, but this accident greatly affected and changed the fate of all three.

Ana Leticia clutched the steering wheel, the car fell into the river, father and mother died, Ana Laura lost her leg and remained disabled, and Anu Lucia was swept away by a strong current, and the girl does not remember anything.

Then one woman finds her, her daughter also drowned, she will raise Ana Lucia as her own.
Years passed.

Ana Lucia turned into a mischievous beauty, became a talented gymnast. Sweet, modest and reserved Ana Laura, lost a leg in that car accident, and since then, leads a secluded lifestyle. And Ana Leticia has become an insidious seducer who will do anything to get what she wants.

But soon the three sisters will meet, fall in love, and their lives will change forever, and this will help them beloved men – Marcelo, Ramiro and Anyaki.

Three Anes  AKA Tres veces Ana is a remake of the series “Ties of Love”, which won the audience in 1995.

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Angelique Boyer – Ana
Sebastian Rulli – Marcelo
Pedro Moreno / Pedro Moreno – Inaki
David Zepeda – Ramiro

Director: José Ignacio Alarcón G
Premiere: May 23, 2016
Series: 77 (currently released)

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