The Unknown Man 2020 Crime Thriller Movie

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Popular Hollywood actors Joel Edgerton (“The Great Gatsby”) and Sean Harris (“Mission Impossible 6: Consequences”) got starring roles in the crime drama “The Unknown Man” from See-Saw Films and Anonymous Content.

The Unknown Man 2020 Crime Thriller Movie

The Unknown Man 2020 Crime Thriller Movie

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This was announced at the European Market held as part of the Berlin International Film Festival.

The upcoming project is based on a real operation with the introduction of agents in the “asocial” environment, conducted in Australia.

The plot of history takes place on board the plane, where two fellow travelers begin a conversation, which subsequently develops into friendship. For Henry Thigh (Harris), exhausted throughout his life by physical labor and crime, this is a dream come true. His new friend Mark (Edgerton) becomes his savior and ally. What Henry does not know is that Mark is an experienced undercover officer working on how to get Henry to answer for the unsolved murder he committed many years ago.

“The Unknown Man” will be the second full-length film by an Australian actor, screenwriter and director Thomas M. Wright (“Hell of Bad luck”).

“I am absolutely delighted with the script written by Thomas and his approach to translating the story into reality,” Edgerton commented on the news.

“As an actor, I know that I will have an incredible experience working with him, and as a producer I am honored to be “a partner with such a brilliant future. I also feel honored to continue my successful relationship with Anonymous Content and deepen my ties with See-Saw Films as we all begin to work on this film.”

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