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Arrival of Prof.
Ever since we were born into this world, all the events in our life happen with the environment in which we grew up. No one in the world is born good or bad, and his or her life is determined by the experiences he or she has acquired during childhood. Children are the most valuable resource in this world. We know that it is the duty of all of us to protect them. Due to the rape of a child at a young age, the whole life of that child can take a different path. When one sees rape, it is considered as something that happens physically. But mentally, children can also be raped. A big tree grows from a small plant. Similarly, a terrible child is created because of small mistakes. When a child makes a mistake, they should be punished.

Today we are going to talk about a film that talks about such a dark aspect of the society and you know that this work is being screened in cinemas these days. If someone thinks that reading this will make it difficult to watch the movie, please do not read this.

Throughout this story, you will be able to see how a university professor goes to a camp where young criminals are rehabilitated and takes the group to the right path.
Youth are always revolutionary. In normal life, the period between the age of 16/29 years is reserved for youth and youth. During this time, many people gather various experiences in life. You and I know that addiction takes a prominent place among them. Because of this, they often become criminals. The creator has taken this phenomenon very well and therefore the beginning of the film has been very successful. Here, the cruel torture of the young child and how his mind changes because of it has been shown very well. Karua has introduced Vijay Sethupathi on screen very beautifully.

It is a fact that we know that everything is decided by money in a society where virtues disappear. The creator has explained it to us as truth. That means that the factor of trust in this world has also been sold for money. So should we decide everything in life based on money? In the beginning, the designer questioned us and brought a very high fanfare with CT. The designer uses the screen to introduce Vijay, the lead actor of the film, with the second scene.
The creator has used very little time to introduce J.D. or Vijay. It is a very good scene for Vijay’s fans but many critics have said that it is an unnecessary waste of time. By using beautiful songs and battle scenes, JD’s strength and his desire in the university have been shown very well. But in my opinion, it is not appropriate to spend so much time on such two small things. It is very strict for other scenes. Influenced.

All the scenes after that take place based on the university. The fact that all those scenes are talking about J.D. is another special feature. Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi) has been separated for a very short time. We can see the irresponsibility and drunkenness very well in Vijay’s character. It is special to see him in a slightly different way than the Vijay we saw in the past.

Due to the inclusion of many words familiar to the English language in the film, the creator has managed to give a different flavor to the film. Here, Abdi Bima also gives a very good start to the second half of the story in his character as a professor.

The second half of the film deals with the fight between Bhavani and Vijay, but throughout the film, it talks about the efforts of the rehabilitated children to get them on the right path. The film is devoted to two thieves.
In my opinion, the film is as successful as the previous films in which Vijay acted. But for Vijay’s fans, this is a very good film. The way the film is divided into roles throughout the film is not successful. Wijesethupathi has not been properly utilized throughout the film, and we expect more from Arjun Das, but he has got very less opportunity. Also, Malavika’s character is not often seen throughout the film. Therefore, I think that there is some deficiency in the distribution of characters throughout the film.

Many attempts have been made to highlight Vijay throughout the film. Even in the background, Thalapathy mentions Vijay’s name. Does it really have to be in a film? One might think that I am saying this out of anger, but it is not so, I am also a fan of Vijay. The movie reminds me of Thuppakki in many scenes.
The theme of the film is very clearly spoken in the second half. The second half has very emotional scenes. In that, Bhavani’s stubbornness has been tried to be shown very well. Some scenes of the movie are very amazing.

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