Te doy la vida Cast 2020 Popular Mexican TV Series

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Te doy la vida Cast 2020 Popular  Mexican TV Series, Story, Plot, Summary and More info.

Te doy la vida Cast
Te doy la vida Cast


Story / Plot

This series tells the tragic story of Natalia. It turns out she was adopted, and her real mother became an alcoholic due to the loss of her child. But the reason for all the troubles is Natalia’s grandfather, who was very rich, but at the same time selfish, cruel and loving to command the lives of other people.

He still has two grandchildren – twins, who remained in his care after the death of his son. The twins are called Diego and Rodrigo. Despite the fact that they are similar as two drops of water, the characters they are very different. Diego is serious and decent, but Rodrigo is frivolous and ugly.

Diego and Natalia fall in love with each other and are unaware of a possible relationship. But Rodrigo begins to impersonate his brother and tries to rape a girl.

Natalia is saved by her friend, a fisherman who is in love with her. As a result of the fight, Rodrigo is injured and ends up in a coma.

2 years pass, Natalia continues to live as usual, and Diego married, but not happy in marriage. Also, he became president of the grandfather’s textile factory.

Fate again decides to bring Natalia and Diego together, but this time too, Rodrigo will come in their way, coming out of a coma and blaming Natalia for everything.

There is no limit to Rodrigo’s thirst for revenge and greed; he wants not only Natalia, but also to take his brother’s place. Natalia will have to endure a lot, suffer a lot in order to win and be happy with Diego.

Producers: Lucero Suarez, Angel Villaverde

Director: Claudia Alisa Aguilar

Screenwriters: Valentina Parraga, Luis Reynoso

Premiere: July 1, 2013

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Libya Brito – Natalia
Juan Diego Covarrubias – Diego / Rodrigo
Cynthia Clitbo – Carmen
Marisol del Olmo – Irene
Marcelo Cordoba – Eleazar

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