Sosedi (Соседи) Chugunsk Style Russian TV Series

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This article is about Sosedi (Соседи) Chugunsk Style Russian TV Series, Cast, Plot, Summary and other information.

Sosedi (Соседи) Chugunsk Style Russian TV Series

Sosedi (Соседи) Chugunsk Style Russian TV Series


Sosedi (Соседи) Chugunsk Style Plot

The series takes place in a cottage village twenty kilometers from the city of Chugunsk.

Pretending to be the elite, the Chugunsk Style settlement was to become the most prestigious residential quarter in the vicinity of Chugunsk, but the construction company went bankrupt and could not be completed. From the whole village, only two cottages on the first line were sold, which our heroes “fortunate” acquired.

At the center of events are two completely different families: the Russian Field family and the American Shankly. The life paths of the heads of these families are a dream come true. Bill Shankle – American. Victor Polevoy – Russian.

Their clash, giving rise to a lot of comic situations. The initial perception of each other by our heroes is at the level of generally accepted stereotypes.

For the Shankly Fields, the close-up, Americans eating fast-food. For Shankly, the Poles are savage, drunken Russian Communists, clogged with a totalitarian regime.

The conflict of interethnic stereotypes is complicated by the household conflict arising from the characteristics of the place of residence and domestic construction: one vital communication is located on the territory of each of the sites.

Field control the water supply valve, Shankly – switch with electricity. And each time during a dispute, one of the neighbors threatens to use his “weapon”, but each time common sense wins and in a conflict situation there is a compromise.

Because if for the next 20 km your neighbors are one single family, then you simply cannot find the best neighbors.

Sosedi (Соседи) Chugunsk Style Cast


Director: Elena Novikova, Mikhail Bagdasarov, Fedor Krasnoperov

Screenplay: Denis Kaimakov

Cast : Sergey Gabrielyan, Maria Aronova, Arunas Sakalauskas, Olga Tumaykina, Victor Suprun, Beata Tishkevich, Anton Babashkin

Channel: Channel One

Production: “White Media”, “World Russian Studios”

Aired: 2012

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