Sortilegio ‎Popular Spanish TV Series Cast

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Sortilegio ‎Popular Spanish TV Series Cast

Sortilegio ‎Popular Spanish TV Series Cast

Sortilegio ‎Popular Spanish TV Series Cast

Plot of Sortilegio

Alejandro Lambardo has a half-brother Bruno, who is madly jealous of him for standing at the head of a huge company.

One day, Bruno comes up with an insidious plan. He meets a naive girl from the province named Maria José, introduces herself to her as Alejandro Lambardo. Marries her with fake documents.

Arranges a car accident for his stepbrother, everyone considers him dead.

Heartbroken, Maria Jose comes to her husband’s relatives, where she is waiting for a big surprise, it turns out that Bruno introduced himself as her husband in order to take possession of Alejandro’s inheritance with her help.

The girl is shocked, trying to leave, but under threats forces her to stay. But Bruno himself is waiting for a big surprise – Alejandro is alive! However, he lost his memory, does not remember the last two years of his life and considers that he really married Maria Jose. And Maria Jose remained between two fires – between the threats of Bruno and the incipient feelings for Alejandro.

Can she tell the truth? What will Alejandro do when he finds out that Maria Jose lied to him? What other tests does Bruno prepare for them whose plan failed?


Production Information

Original Title: Sortilegio
Production: Televisa
Producer: Carla Estrada, Arturo Lorca, Guillermo Gutiérrez
Director: Mónica Miguel, Karina Duprez
Screenwriter: Claudia Velazco
Genre: Soap Opera
Premiere: June 1, 2009
Number of episodes: 95

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William Levy – Alejandro Lambardo
Jacqueline Bracamontes – Maria Jose
Daniela Romo – Victoria
Gabriel Soto – Fernando
Chantal Andere – Raquel
Ana Brenda Contreras – Maura
David Zepeda – Bruno
Mónica Miguel – Maya San
Otto Sirgo – Jorge
Aarón Hernán – Padre Petancort
Patricio Castillo – Emiliano
Azela Robinson – Elena
Luis Couturier – Hernan
Héctor Sáez – Pedro
Marcelo Córdoba – Roberto
Julián Gil – Ulises
Daniela Luján – Liset
Guillermo Zarur – Ezeküel
Adalberto Parra – Eric

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