Sol Nascente Brasilia Cast

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Sol Nascente Brasilia Cast, Story, Summary, Production and More info.

Sol Nascente Brasilia Cast

Sol Nascente Brasilia Cast



The heroes of the series Alice and Mario grew up together, but looked at the world from different angles.

Mario reckless, like a teenager, and Alice became an objective and rational woman. But still they have a very strong friendship, they complement each other. And at some point, Alice and Mario felt that they were drawn to each other.

Alice successfully passes the exam, she is given a grant to study in Japan, she must live there for two years. Since Alice’s adoptive parents are Japanese, she immediately agrees to the trip. Of course, Mario is not enthusiastic about this idea, but nothing can object.

So, Alice goes to Japan, where she meets Cesar. Cesar is a very calm, judicious, handsome man. They begin to meet. Upon graduation, Alice returns home to his hometown. Cesar follows her, but not because he is dying of love for her, he is more interested in her family’s business.

Seeing his childhood girlfriend, Mario realizes that he must change, grow up, to win Alice’s love.


Director: Leonardo Nogueira
Scenario: Walther Negrão
Premiere: August 29, 2016

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Bruno Gagliasso – Mario
Giovanna Antonelli – Alice
Rafael Cardoso – Cesar
Aracy Balabanian – Geppina
Francisco Cuoco – Gaetano
Luís Melo – Kazuo Tanaka
Letícia Spiller – Lenita
Marcello Novaes – Vittorio

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