She Sees Red – The first Russian interactive thriller released

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She Sees Red

Rhinotales has released a mobile application for the interactive thriller “She is Angry,” which became the studio’s debut project. In addition to the main gaming platforms, the film can now be watched on mobile devices. The film was released in July this year on the main gaming platforms for personal computers – Steam, Green Man Gaming, Humble Store and others. Now it can be downloaded on Google Play, App Store and Amazon. Viewers will be available Russian and English voice acting, as well as subtitles in twenty-two languages.

“She is Angry” is an interactive thriller with live actors and a non-linear plot, the development of which completely depends on the choice of the viewer. The film begins with a weird nightclub kill. A female detective is trying to find a dodgy criminal who leaves obvious evidence and continues to kill.


She Sees Red - The first Russian interactive thriller released

She Sees Red – The first Russian interactive thriller released


The first Russian interactive thriller

The player is given the opportunity to make various decisions for the hero to change the course of history and see all the pieces of the mosaic plot. There are four possible endings in the film: from the happy end to the darkest. The total time is 1 hour 30 minutes, and one passage takes about 35 minutes.

The young Russian director Yevgeny Puzyrevsky, known for a number of short films in the thriller genre, took the picture and wrote the script. The main roles in the film were played by Veronika Plyashkevich, Boris Polunin, as well as rapper Alexei Antipov, known under the pseudonym Tipsi Tip. Another representative of the rap industry – member of the group 25/17 rapper Ant wrote music for the picture.

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“The Rhinotales team consists of people who are equally fond of both cinema and video games, so we had the idea to create a project at the junction of these two areas. There is no doubt about the future of interactive cinema. A new young audience is interested in new experience, and technology and the market are ready for a new format of entertainment. Now our main task is to make the release of the first film and get feedback from the audience, to understand what they liked and what was not enough. Only after that we can move on and start developing the next project, ”- Artem Slesarenko, producer of the picture

The project was the first interactive film in the thriller genre for Russia and the CIS. Over the course of the year, over 120 people from different countries worked on the picture, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and the USA.

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