Seviyor Sevmiyor Cast

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Here is all the info about Seviyor Sevmiyor Cast, Plot, Summery and etc.

Production: MF Yapım
Year: 2016
Country: Turkey
Director: Yusuf Pirsahan
Screenwriter: Cho Sung – Hee, S. Cenk Boğatur, Meriç Demiray, M. Cem

Seviyor Sevmiyor Cast

Seviyor Sevmiyor Cast


Zeynep in childhood was a very beautiful girl from a wealthy family. Yigit has no friends, is lonely, beaten by everyone, a plump boy from a wealthy family. Denise, in spite of everything, is friends with Yigit, they form a strong bond. Yigit is now in love with Denise.

Yigit on his father’s affairs goes abroad, there he is very thin, makes a successful career, and is now becoming very attractive returns to Turkey.

Many years pass, the Denise family loses its fortune, and besides, Denise herself, who in her childhood was like a mother, over the years becomes more like her father and loses her former beauty.

Now Denise’s life has failed, and nothing goes wrong with her. And one day the life of this couple will cross again. But Yigit does not recognize Denise. It deeply hurts the girl. Therefore, she asks her best friend the beauty to play along with her.

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Seviyor Sevmiyor Cast

 Zeynep Çamci – Denise
Gökhan Alkan – Yigit
Gonja Sarıyldız / Gonca Sarıyıldız – Irem
Yigit Kirazci / Yiğit Kirazcı – Tuna

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