Seven Ne Yapmaz Cast

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Seven Ne Yapmaz Cast by Feriha Ecem Çalik, Deniz Gündogdu, Emre Bulut Emre, Ulas Albayrak, Seven Ne Yapmaz is a popular Romantic Turkish mini series with 1 season.

Seven Ne Yapmaz Cast

Seven Ne Yapmaz Cast

Plot /Summary by

Ozan Ekinsoy, the son of the founder of the large Turkish holding Ekinsoy Holding, has almost everything a guy at his age can dream of. Ozan is handsome, rich and, accordingly, he cannot but take advantage of his position.

The main character of the series What a lover won’t do is simply adored by girls. He literally bathes in female attention and affection. One day Ozan makes a grave mistake, and as a punishment, the father sends his negligent son to live in the village, where the guy will meet Nazly, an independent, independent girl. Suddenly, Ozan discovers that he has feelings for Nazla that are completely new for him – love.

The girl reciprocates, and it would seem that all events portend a happy ending. But it was not there. Nazla has a grandmother – Fatma. She adheres to the old views, so she always insisted on a wedding. But Ozan is confused by such news. The Turkish series What a lover won’t do shows how a guy experiences a real feeling of fear and panic. The situation is not turning out in the best way.

The day before the wedding, Ozan received a call from Istanbul and insisted on his urgent arrival. Without saying anything to anyone, the son of a large businessman decides to return home. Of course, Nazly didn’t like it very much. She is literally crushed and disgraced in front of her friends. Feeling a sense of revenge, the girl goes to the capital. And in order to inflict as much pain on the failed groom as possible, Nazly finds leverage over Ozan’s father and sister, which he never even mentioned. In fact, the Turkish TV series Seven Ne Yapmaz is a big maze from which Ozan has to find a way out.

Cast by

Feriha Ecem Çalik
Deniz Gündogdu
Emre Bulut Emre
Ulas Albayrak
Ferzan Hekimoglu
Aslihan Malbora
Seren Sirince
Serhat Paril
Leyla Kader

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