Servet Popular Turkish Dizi Cast

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Servet Popular Turkish Dizi Cast, Story, Episodes, Meaning and more information about one of the most Popular Love, Romantic TV series from Turkey.

Servet Popular Turkish Dizi Cast

Servet Popular Turkish Dizi Cast

Story/ Plot

In the modern world, everyone strives for the material. But far few understand that true wealth is love. The heroine of the series Servet (Meaning: Wealth).

Ferah Fez. She is a sweetheart person who has recently reached adulthood and, according to social traditions, is ready to become like other youth by flipping out of the nest of an orphanage. But the young girl has one important feature , she is far from an orphan. Ferakh is not even aware that she is full of relatives, and wealthy. Ferah did not even dream of such wealth.

Fate brings the girl with Jan Yigitu. The guy is 29 years old, and he also grew up without parents, but among wealthy businessmen, one of whom decided to take the boy under his care. The man treated him like his own son, did not refuse anything. Janu got everything he wanted. His stepfather also took care of the future foster baby, and gave him the necessities for a happy life. Such power as the hero of the series Wealth / Servet, virtually no peer Janu has.

In one of the episodes, Kudret Fettah, the owner of Fett Holding, entrusts Jan with an important task – the search for his granddaughter Ferah, who is waiting for a good inheritance. Gianu copes, but when he meets the girl, he does not even suspect that he will soon fall in love with her, and fate, in turn, will present the young couple with many difficult trials. They will even have to abandon an innocent relationship, for the girl is threatened by the death of Kudret’s son, Jener Fettah. After all, he does not need competitors, of which Ferah is he knows.

Cast by 

Yusuf Çim,
Bahar Sahin,
Ali Sürmeli,
Arsen Gürzap,
Tülay Günal,
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan,
Baran Bölükbasi.

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