Sdelano v СССР Made in USSR TV Series

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This article is about the Sdelano v СССР Made in USSR TV Series, Seasons, Episodes, Story, Plot and more. Сделано в СССР cast by Boris Galkin, Nina Usatova, Dmitry Orlov.


Sdelano v СССР Made in USSR TV Series

Sdelano v СССР Made in USSR TV Series


The scenario “Made in the USSR” is based on a family chronicle of three generations of a large family against the backdrop of the country’s life in the 70s of the 20th century.

The fate of the Shishov family is woven into the history of Russia: a clash of people with circumstances, confrontation with them, an attempt to preserve privacy, to keep love and family in the grip of the state machine.

The effect of maximum immersion in the era of the 70s and military parades on Red Square is achieved in the series through the active use of official and private newsreels of the time.

The series will become a kind of encyclopedia of Soviet life. Events of sixteen episodes unfold from 1975 to 1978.

The head of the family, Ivan Shishov, survived collectivization, famine, dispossession, war. He fought in the tank troops, burned twice, but survived.

Ivan and his wife Marya have three children, a daughter and two sons: Tatyana, Grigory and Andrey. The children grew up and parted, and the older Shishovs alone live their lives in a village house.

The story begins at a dramatic moment in the life of Ivan and Mary: their village is doomed, in its place will be built a reservoir of a new hydroelectric station.

A daughter takes her parents to her city, but this is only the beginning of new problems. They will have to deal with everyday, and with bureaucratic, and social difficulties.

After an unsuccessful attempt to emigrate, Tatyana’s ex-husband Vladimir becomes a dissident, and this will inevitably affect the life of the whole family. The eldest son of the Shishovs, Gregory, is waiting for the war in Angola, injury, disability and a small pension.

Life will present its youngest son, Andrei, with a difficult choice: a brilliant party future or love. Ahead of the heroes of the melodrama is a kaleidoscope typical of 70s events and phenomena – “guilds”, public renunciation of unreliable relatives, placement in a “psychiatric hospital” for political convictions.

But courage and decency help all members of the Shishov family to make the right choice and resist difficult circumstances.

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Cast & Productions

Director: Vadim Ostrovsky

Scenario: Vadim Zobin

Actors: Boris Galkin, Nina Usatova, Dmitry Orlov, Ivan Zhidkov, Maria Shukshina, Daniil Spivakovsky, Alexander Zelsky, Konstantin Lavronenko, Anna Yanovskaya, Agniya Kuznetsova, Lyudmila Svitova, Anatoly Gushchin, Yana Esipovich, Anatoly Kotenev and many others

Channel: Russia 1

Production: WeiT Media Group of Companies with the participation of World Russian Studios

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