Salve Jorge Elenco

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Salve Jorge meaning in English is “Save me, St. George”

Salve Jorge Elenco
Salve Jorge Elenco


It is a young, rapidly growing Brazilian series, which has already begun to be translated into other languages, since the series turned out to be really very interesting and somewhat intriguing. The plot of the series tells us the story of a young, pretty pretty girl from a slum, her name is Morena. She, as actually we all have, or rather had her own dream – she wanted to become a famous actress, but, unfortunately, early pregnancy put an end to her dream. And once, Morena was offered a good job with a big salary, the job was in Europe. No matter how trite it may sound, the girl left everything and went, went to earn “big money”. But, unfortunately, it soon became clear that all this was a hoax, and the girl became a “living commodity” for people who conduct criminal activities. Naturally, after that, Morena’s life changed once and for all. But now it’s hard to say what will happen next, and indeed, what the main character will do. We just have to look and hope that fate will be favorable to her and will in every way contribute to ensuring that everything is fine with her.

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Actors and roles:
Rodrigo Lombardi
Nanda Costa,
Alejandro Nero,
Antonio Caloni
Sissa Guimaraes
Claudia Raya
Christian Oliveira
Dalton vig
Flavia Alessandra,
Giovanna Antonelli

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