Rodina Homeland Russian TV Series

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Rodina Homeland Russian TV Series, Here is all about Seasons, Episodes, Story, Plot and other info. Starred by Vladimir Mashkov, Victoria Isakova, Maria Mironova, Sergey Makovetsky.

Rodina Homeland Russian TV Series
Rodina Homeland Russian TV Series

The series “Homeland” was created on the basis of the original Israeli format – “Prisoners of War” (Hatufim), which aired in March 2010 on the Israeli channel Channel 2 and became the highest-rated drama in the country.

In 2011, Fox 21 shot an American version of the format called Homeland. The series has received many professional awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe.

In the center of the plot of the series “Homeland” the confrontation of Major Alexei Bragin (Vladimir Mashkov) and expert-analyst of the counter-terrorism center – Anna Zimina (Victoria Isakova).

During a special operation in the North Caucasus, a terrorist training camp was destroyed and a bunker was seized in which a man who was haggard, chained to a wall and overgrown with a beard was found.

This is the major, Alexey Bragin. Six years ago, having been ambushed and having lost most of his comrades, Bragin is captured.

He is recognized as missing. Leaving for the last business trip, Bragin left his family in Moscow – his wife Elena (Maria Mironova), three-year-old son Ivan and nine-year-old daughter Katya.

Now he is returning to peaceful life, where, unfortunately, they have already stopped waiting for him.

Bragin is trying to restore relations with his wife and daughter, to get closer to his son, but besides the obvious difficulties, we see and understand that he has some kind of secret that he carefully hides even from the closest ones.

Despite the hero’s halo, after the first interrogations of Bragin, Anna Zimina begins to suspect that he was recruited by terrorists. Based on her own experience and intuition, Anna tries to solve the mystery of Bragin.

Each episode of the script is filled with intrigue that keeps the viewer in suspense and ignorance until the last frame, the heroes regularly have to make a choice between personal and universal values: patriotism or betrayal, tolerance or religious fanaticism, family or passion.

The Rodina series was the first television series to be shot by a well-known Russian film director and screenwriter, Cannes Film Festival laureate, owner of the main Russian film award Nika,

People’s Artist of Russia Pavel Lungin (Taxi Blues, Lunapark, Wedding, Island Island “,” King “). According to the master – “If you want to shoot a novel, show the soul of people, their contradictions, their difficulties and struggles, you have to go to television. Because in the modern film, which has become an attraction, there is no longer a place for deep psychology. ”

“An outstanding director, a strong and deep history that is very close and understandable to our viewers, full-scale shooting when the mountains are shot in the mountains, and the eastern city in Israel, famous and popularly beloved actors – all this makes the series a major event even before its release on the screens.

So, now it’s safe to say that “Homeland” will become one of the brightest TV shows of our time, ”says Timur Weinstein, general producer of White Media.

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Director: Pavel Lungin

Scenario: Pavel Lungin, Mikhail Shulman

Cast : Vladimir Mashkov, Victoria Isakova, Maria Mironova, Sergey Makovetsky, Andrey Merzlikin, Maria Shalaeva, Alisa Khazanova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Timofey Tribuntsev, Nikolai Dobrynin, Ilya Isaev, Valeriu Andriutse and others.

Channel: Russia 1

Production: White Media

Aired: March 16, 2015

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