Puteytsy 3 Nina Ruslanova’s Popular Russian TV Series

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Puteytsy 3 Nina Ruslanova’s Popular Russian TV Series, Here is all about Story, Plot, Productions and more. Cast by Nina Ruslanova, Vladimir Dolinsky, Vadim Kolganov.


Puteytsy 3 Nina Ruslanova’s Popular Russian TV Series

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Puteytsy 3 Story

The protagonists of the series are “railway men” – railway workers from guides and train drivers to train chiefs. In the new series, new characters will join the heroes that are already beloved by the audience. The route of the train will also change – now the heroes ply along the international route “Moscow – Odessa – Moscow” under the leadership of the new chief Denis Gladilin.

The film will be attended by Nina Ruslanova (“Tomorrow was the war”, “Mama Do not Cry”) Vladimir Dolinsky (“The Moscow Saga”, “The Same Munchausen”, Vadim Kolganov (“Tatyana’s Day”, “Personal Number”), Galina Bokashevskaya ( “Tango Three”, “Sniper”) Nikolai Grigoriev (“Prediction”). Director – Vladimir Fatyanov.

“Travelers-3” will again enable the viewer to look at the railway journey from the other side and see the life of the train from the inside. On the way, the team of the train crew will face a mass of the most incredible adventures and incidents.

After all, anything can happen on the road and passengers, and with them our heroes, find themselves in dramatic, and sometimes even comical, situations. And only thanks to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of a friendly team from any position will a solution be found.


Director: Vladimir Fatyanov

Scenario: Nina Vadchenko, Vladimir Fatyanov, Valentin Donskoy

Actors: Nina Ruslanova, Vladimir Dolinsky, Vadim Kolganov, Galina Bokashevskaya, Nikolai Grigoriev

Channel: Russia 1

Production: White Media

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