Prestupleniye Famous Russian TV Series

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This article is about Prestupleniye Famous Russian TV Series, Seasons, Episodes, Story and more.

Prestupleniye Famous Russian TV Series  Преступление

Prestupleniye Famous Russian TV Series


Prestupleniye Story

The series Crime is based on the Forbrydelsen format of Danish-Swedish-Norwegian production, as well as the popular American adaptation Killing.

The investigation into the brutal murder of a young girl turns into a complex psychological drama that raises questions of human values ​​and meanings that concern everyone: fidelity and betrayal, cynicism and compassion, revenge and humility.

Detective exciting plot, during the development of which suspicion falls on each of the main characters, keeps the viewer in constant tension until the last frame. But one of the main questions posed by the film is: will the heroes be able to save themselves and remain human?

The series “Crime” was included in the Top 10 television series of the TV channel “Russia 1” for 2017 (by the highest rating in the audience 18+, Mediascope research) “Crime” is the most popular new series of 2017.

The results of the year are based on the opinions and activities of readers of the portal.


Prestupleniye Season 2 Story

Three years have passed since the events of the first season. The same city, the same gloomy atmosphere of modern noir.

The nets of the fishing trawler along with the fish take out the body of a young man from the water. It turns out that in recent days they saw a girl with him – Olya Nemchenko, the daughter of a large local businessman with a dark past, and she disappeared.

Investigator SK Moskvin believes that the disappearance of Olya and the murder of Anatoly Ilyin, whose body was found, are directly related, and begins to work out the versions. The first is drugs. Moskvina understands that she needs the help of Andrei Chistyakov.

Prior to joining the IC, Andrei served in the Federal Drug Control Service, worked undercover, he has the necessary connections and knowledge. But not so long ago, a cat ran between two investigators – they are in a quarrel.

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Channel: Russia 1

Production: White Media

Aired: 2017

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