Pega Pega Famous Brazil TV Series

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Pega Pega Famous Brazil  TV Series . Created by Claudia Souto. Released on 2017. (Romantic, Comedy )


Pega Pega Famous Brazil TV Series

Pega Pega Famous Brazil TV Series



A romantic comedy about the robbery of the luxury Carioca Palace hotel in Rio de Janeiro and the consequences of this event for the life of each of the participants, whether they are guests, suspects or employees.

The owner of the hotel, Pedrigno Guimaraes, inherited the family hotel and never saw it as a business, but regarded it as a way to spend and squander money.

Playboy abused all the charms and went on a spree, leaving aside the ownership of the hotel itself. As a result, the luxury Carioca Palace hotel loses its prestige and all its revenues.

On the verge of bankruptcy, Pedrigno, intending to live in the United States in the company of his butler Nelito and granddaughter of Louise, sells the hotel to Erica Ribeiro, one of Brazil’s most respected businessmen.

Eric, an honest man and one of the most successful men in the country, lost his wife in a car accident and never fell in love again, but despite the onslaught of his personal adviser, the clumsy and ambitious Maria Pia, who does everything for him – Eric sees in her only a good friend.

The businessman is the father of the fragile and restless teenager Bebet, who suffered greatly after the death of her mother, living in a completely parallel world.

In addition, the girl suffers from a mental disorder and she has hallucinations – she sees a plush kangaroo and calls him Flora.

The crime was conceived by the cunning concierge Malagueto, who persuaded the waiter Julio, the administrator Agnaldo, and the maid Sandra Helena to carry out the robbery plan.

The criminal quartet, which cannot spend money so as not to arouse suspicion, continues to work normally at the hotel, hoping that the director will decide on the bankruptcy of the hotel and everyone will be dismissed.

All the heroes of history are waiting for a lot of adventures, and everything will be confused even more with the spell of love.

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Camila Queiroz – Louise
Mateus Solano – Eric
Nanda Costa – Sandra
Vanessa Giácomo – Antonia
Marcos Caruso – Pedro (Pedrigno)
Thiago Martins – Julio
Marcelo Serrado – Malagueto
Mariana Santos – Maria
João Baldasserini – Agnaldo
Irene Ravache – Sabine
Elizabeth Savalla – Arlette
Valentina Herszage – Bebet


Original title: Pega Pega
Production: Estúdios Globo
Director: Luiz Henrique Rios
Screenwriter: Claudia Souto
Genre: Telenovela, Romantic Comedy
Premiere: aired from July 6, 2017 to January 8, 2018.

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