Pasión y poder (Passion and Power) Cast

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Pasión y poder (Passion and Power) Cast, Story, Summary, Episodes, Plot and more info. Pasión y poder is popular Mexican tv series cast by Jorge Salinas, Fernando Colunga, etc.

Pasión y poder (Passion and Power) Cast

Pasión y poder (Passion and Power) Cast



The story of two warring families – Arturo Montenegro and Eladio Gomez Luna. But they are at war not so much because of business, but also because of love for one woman.

And this fatal woman was Julia Vallado.

Eladio, Arturo, and Julia had known each other since they were young, and although Julia was in love with Arturo, she still married Eladio.

Years passed and the relationship between Julia and Eladio was getting worse, and the reason for this was Eladio’s behavior. But Julia endured everything for the sake of her only son and the comfort of David, who was very different from her husband.

Arturo married a young, ambitious, sexy woman named Nina, and they had three common children, Eric, Rekhina, Daniela, and a son from his first marriage, Miguel.

At the behest of fate, Rekhina and David will fall in love with each other, fighting for their love.
There comes a time when the struggle between long-standing rivals begins again, but this time precisely because of Julia’s love.

Each of the characters in the series “Passion and Power / Pasion y poder” must make a final decision.

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Jorge Salinas – Arturo
Fernando Colunga – Eladio
Susana González – Julia
Michelle Renaud – Rehina
Alejandro Nones – Eric
Irina Baeva – Daniela



Production: Televisa
Director: Salvador Garcini, Alejandro Gamboa, Salvador Sánchez
Script: Ximena Suárez, Janely Lee, Julián Aguilar, Vanesa Varela
Producer: José Alberto Castro
Premiere: October 2015
Final: April 2016
Series: 136

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