Pariniti Chopra wear masks to protect against corona virus

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Currently, the whole world is seized with fear of the deadly Corona virus, which has damaged the health and life of many people. The situation escalated in China, where he had the maximum impact.

Now the problem here is that it has begun to spread to other countries. In the midst of all this, Indian actress Pariniti Chopra aroused the anger of citizens after posting a specific post on social networks related to this issue.

The actress posted a series of photos on her personal pages on Instagram and Twitter, where she poses at the airport in a mask. Pariniti went on to write:

“It’s sad, but I think this is the situation now. Stay safe, guys. 

However, this is not very well received by network users who attacked the actress for spreading fear around. In addition, some accused her of turning into a kind of fashionable photo shoot.

In fact, Parity was also criticized for not wearing the original respiratory mask used to prevent such diseases. Moreover, some of them trolled her for bragging about her designer bag, rather than disseminating information about Coronavirus.

Pariniti Chopra wear masks to protect against coronavirus
Pariniti Chopra wear masks to protect against coronavirus

Here are some comments:

“In a situation like you all can think of selfies and fashion … people die … Be sympathetic, at least.”

“Please do not spread fear … this is NOT an epidemic.”

“This is not an opportunity for a fashion photo shoot. This virus has killed many people. Please delete the photo.”

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