Paramount is ready for Two New Transformers Movies for 2020

Paramount is ready for Two New Transformers Movies for 2020 post thumbnail image
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Transformers  2020

Paramount Studio still considers the Transformers franchise one of its main assets and plans to restart it. According to Variety insiders, two scenarios are currently in the works, one is James Vanderbilt (The New Spider-Man), the other is working on Joby Harold (King Arthur’s Sword).

Paramount is ready for Two New Transformers Movies for 2020

Paramount is ready for Two New Transformers Movies for 2020


The last (fifth) part of the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight, performed at the box office noticeably worse than its predecessors, collecting only $ 605.4 million worldwide with a budget of $ 217 million. (For comparison, the fourth film, “The Age of Extinction,” earned $ 1.1 billion.) Michael Bay is no longer involved in a stalled series, and now Paramount is looking for a new development vector. The Bumblebee spin-off gave hope for the best: it did not become a super-hit rental ($ 468 million in world fees with a $ 135 million budget), but was highly praised by critics (92% of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes).

The details of the new scenarios are kept secret – it is assumed that the two stories will indicate two different directions within the Transformers universe. The directors are not yet approved. It is also known that actors who previously starred in the franchise will not appear in new films – the studio is counting on new artists.


Paramount is ready for Two New Transformers Movies for 2020

Paramount is ready for Two New Transformers Movies for 2020

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History of Transformers Movies  

First, a little history. The first part of Transformers was released in 2007 and, with a budget of $ 150 million, raised just over seven hundred million.

Transformers caused a real stir in the world of cinema, and soon it was decided to release the second part. “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen” saw the light in 2009 and have already collected one hundred million more.

“Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon” also appeared two years later, as it was between the first and second parts. However, despite the fact that the fees of the tape exceeded one billion, the excitement around the picture subsided a little.

And so, “Transformers 4: Age of Annihilation”, released three years later, that is, in 2014, not only gathered a smaller box office, but also received two Golden Raspberries at once – Kelsey Grammer became the worst supporting actor, and Michael Bay also went through, identifying him with the award as “Worst Director.

” Such dubious praise instantly affected Bay. Of course, after all, few would agree that Bay deserved this award. And in 2017, Transformers 5: The Last Knight came out and really failed at the box office.

The budget of the picture has increased, but the ratings of the film have fallen noticeably, and fees were even lower even the very first part. In this regard, no one was surprised when Michael Bay announced that the fifth part would be the last for him as the director of this franchise, noting that he gave this world of robots everything he could.

After such a failure, few believed that Transformers would continue to exist, and the film studio would decide to release the next part.

But recently it became known that by 2019 the Transformers will become a whole movie universe, because by then two more new ones will be released to all available parts.

So, what are Transformers fans so frantically waiting for this year? The reason for this is the spin-off of Transformers, called Bumblebee. Bumblebee is the name of one of the most popular franchise autobots.

There is information that the Bumblebee will be closer to children, because according to the statement of one of the crews of the film crew, it is this character that children love. As for the plot of “Bumblebee”, it is known that, of course, his story will be told, but nobody knew about this story until this moment. Intriguing? Us – for sure.

As for the sixth part of Transformers, there is not as much information as we would like. As we already said, before the release of the fifth part, Michael Bay, the permanent director of the franchise, said that this would be his last film in this story, and after that he would already act as a producer.

Bay kept his word, and the Paramount Pictures studio is in search of someone who will occupy the director’s chair of the sixth part. A studio representative confirmed this information. Quote: “There is no director yet, but this is certainly a question that we hope to solve soon.

We have several hundred heroes in mythology. People do not know much about their home planet. We are in the process of thinking about what the next story will be about. ” The end of the quote.

The news that Michael Bay is leaving the post of director of Transformers has divided the fans of the tape into two camps. Some believe that this, of course, is very bad news, because no one knows the Transformers like their creator Bay, which means that there will no longer be the atmosphere that reigned in all five films released under his leadership. Others, on the contrary, believe that a change of director is exactly what Transformers need, because with each part the film is getting weaker, and this is confirmed by both the film’s fees and the opinion of critics. In addition, this atmosphere, which some people so want to see in Transformers, has already fed up with others. Therefore, the best option is to find another director who will breathe new life into the franchise,

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