Sessiz Firtina 1 Bolum

Sessiz Firtina 1 Bolum, Story, Cast, Actors and roles is here. Sessiz Firtina is a popular Turkish TV Series starred by Erkan Petekkaya and Arzum Onan. Story popularity among viewers, and this is even despite the fact that this is not a serial series. Trouble struck, Shukra Sanjekter, a rather influential man who was the […]

Anlat Istanbul Izle

Anlat Istanbul English meaning is “Tell Istanbul”, Turkish Izle, This is an amazing, fabulous story that Turkey has prepared for us. Story First of all, it should be said that this series represents several fairy tales that are intertwined: the murder of the great king of the Underworld, the real Cinderella, who has a shoe […]

Kalp Atışı English

Turkish series Kalp Atışı English, Here is more information about Cast, Story, Episodes, Meaning and more information. Story The Turkish TV series Heartbeat (English Meaning is by no means) an old television series with a hackneyed theme. This is something new and incredibly interesting to see. Ever since childhood, we have always been told that […]

Salve Jorge Elenco

Salve Jorge meaning in English is “Save me, St. George” Story It is a young, rapidly growing Brazilian series, which has already begun to be translated into other languages, since the series turned out to be really very interesting and somewhat intriguing. The plot of the series tells us the story of a young, pretty […]

Dolunay Turkish Romantic Series Cast

Dolunay Turkish Romantic Series Cast, Story, Plot, Seasons and Other information. Dolunay is popular Turkish drama series cast by Özge Gürel, Can Yaman and Hakan Kurtas. Story/ Plot Love is an incredible feeling. Her strength moves mountains, while the characters of the series are not just forced to overcome external circumstances. They fight desperately with […]

Bahtiyar Ölmez Cast

New Turkish series Bahtiyar Ölmez, Cast, Seasons, Plot, Story and more. Bahtiyar Ölmez is a popular Turkish TV series cast by Yetkin Dikinciler and Hande Subasi. Story  The Turkish series Bakhtiyar Olmez combines notes of comedy and crime genre. The name of the protagonist coincides with the title of the picture, and is played by […]

Behzat C Cast

Behzat C is crime, detective and mystery television series cast by Erdal Beshikcioglu, Hazal Kaya, Janan Erguder. Here is Story, Cast, Seasons, Episodes and more information.   Story/Plot If you love exciting detective stories, and at the same time are not indifferent to Turkish cinema, then watching the movie Behzat: I Buried My Heart will […]

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