Öğretmen Dizi Cast

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Here is all about Öğretmen Dizi Cast, Story, Episodes, Seasons and More details about Turkish Best 2020 TV Series.

Öğretmen Dizi Cast

Öğretmen Dizi Cast


Story/ Plot

The plot of the Turkish series Teacher (Ogretmen) introduces us to an extraordinary young man. Having received a diploma of higher education in one of the country’s universities, he receives a place of his first job in one of the city schools.

In addition, he also becomes a class teacher in one of the elementary classes. Thanks to his professional and personal qualities, a novice teacher, in a short period of time, gains the authority of the entire school staff, as well as the love and respect of his students.

Kids with pleasure study diligently, and try to be like their mentor, who has become a close and close person for them. In such fruitful works pass day after day. And here once small first-graders study in the third grade. A little more and they will be graduates of elementary school.

But suddenly something irreparable happens. Like thunder from a clear sky, a tragic incident becomes an emotional shock for everyone. A high school student, a successful athlete – a swimmer, after accusing him of doping, commits suicide.

This case becomes a destabilizing factor for the entire school. The young teacher takes the initiative to clarify the circumstances of the mysterious suicide. He reports that the entire 3-A class is now held hostage. Teachers, parents and students froze in anticipation of voicing teacher requirements. From this point on, events are unpredictable.

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Ilker Kaleli / Ilker Kaleli

Akif Afra Saracoglu / Afra Saracoglu

Gizem Jeren Moray / Ceren Moray

Zeynep Efekan Jan / Efekan Can

Tugrul Ramazan Demir / Ramazan Demir

Atesh Jan Bartu Arslan

Can Bartu Katyl Arslan Serkan Keskin

Elif Ceren Balikci

Elif Ceren Balikci Ezgi Gor

Ezgi Gor

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