Numi Rapas will play in the thriller “Oxygen” O2

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Oxygen” O2

Popular actress Numi Rapas will play in a fantastic thriller called “O2” Oxygen, which will be shot by the creator of the film “Amitville Horror: Awakening” Frank Halfun.


Numi Rapas will play in the thriller Oxygen O2
Numi Rapas will play in the thriller Oxygen O2


The producer of the project, as specified by the publication Geek Tyrant, will be Alexander Aja.

The plot will be built around a woman who wakes up in a medical cryogenic chamber. She does not remember how she ended up in her, and she has no one to call for help to get out.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the air in the chamber remains for exactly 90 minutes. During this time, she needs not only to remember who she is, where she is and, most importantly, why she was here.

“This is one of the best scenarios I’ve read in recent years. A survival story. Even with enough oxygen, it made me literally hold my breath,” commented Aja. Terms of work are not yet specified.

As for Numi Rapas, fans of the actress’s creativity will be able to appreciate her new work in 2020, when a movie called “Secrets We Keep” will be released. He will talk about a woman who survived during the Holocaust and who, many years after the end of the war, meets her tormentor, a former German officer.

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