Nos Tempos do Imperador Cast

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Nos Tempos do Imperador Cast (Nos Tempos do Imperador is 2020 Brazilian (Latin America) TV Series. Original Language is Portuguese.)

Original title: Nos Tempos do Imperador
Production: Rede Globo
Director: João Paulo Jabur, Vinícius Coimbra
Screenwriter: Duba Elia, Júlio Fischer, Lalo Homrich, Mônica Sanches and Wendell bendelack
Genre: Historical, soap opera
Premiere: May 2020

Nos Tempos do Imperador Cast

Nos Tempos do Imperador Cast



Rio de Janeiro, 1856, a little over 30 years after the independence of Brazil.

From childhood, a young girl named Pilar faced the burden of being a 19th-century woman and is trying to convince her father Eudoro, a farmer and colonel from Bahia, to let her study.

However, Eudoro promises to extradite his daughter as Toniko, the future candidate for the Bahia.

The possibility of marriage without love makes Pilar escape from dbma because her biggest dream is to become a doctor. Behind she leaves her sister Dolores.

In parallel, slave Georges, a brave and honest man who believes in integration between blacks and whites, is fighting for freedom. Faced with the reality of slavery, the only option is to flee, but before he plans anything, he is forced to flee.

During the escape, Pilar crosses his path, a meeting that changes their lives. The couple will fight for their dreams, driven by a passion that nourishes each other, but also wants to change people’s lives.

She believes that she will complete medicine, and he believes that he can change society.

Meanwhile, at court, Emperor Pedro II, beloved by the people, works for the good of the country and broadens the horizons of the population by investing in education.

Next to him is Empress Teresa Christina with whom they have daughters Isabelle and Leopoldina, the result of a political marriage. In addition, the emperor must prepare the princesses to fulfill their duties as members of the royal family.

To this end, he invites Luis, Countess Barral, to be a tutor for girls.

Luis is a modern woman educated in Europe. When meeting with her, House Pedro II was fascinated by her strength and beauty, which entailed a revolution in her personal life.

Luis is also responsible for introducing Pilar and Georges – now with a new personality, Samuel – to the emperor.

House Pedro II will fight to help the two in realizing their dreams, and will also fight for Brazil, respecting the Constitution, traveling around the country, wanting to take into account the wishes of the population and maintaining good relations with the provinces.

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Selton Mello – House of Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil
Letícia Sabatella – Teresa Cristina
Mariana Ximenes – Louis
Gabriela Medvedovski – Pilar Villar
Michel Gomes – Georges Sa / Samuel Rocha
Alexandre Nero – Antonio Rocha
Heslaine Vieira – Zayla Maguamba
Daphne Bozaski – Dolores Villars
Thierry Tremouroux – Eugenio
João Pedro Zappa – Nelio
Vivianne Pasmanter – Herman
Guilherme Piva – Licurgo
José Dumont – Colonel Evdoro
Vera Holtz – Carlota (Lot)
Luís Melo – Joao (Batista)
Giulia Gayoso – Isabelle
Bruna Griphao – Leopoldina

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