Nobody Knows Turkish Drama Cast

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Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows Turkish Drama Cast, Story, Plot, and many more

Original title: Kimse Bilmez
Production: Baba Yapım
Director: Ufuk Hakan Eren, Kartal Chidamly / Ufuk Hakan Eren, Kartal Çidamlı
Genre: Drama
Premiere: Summer 2019 on Atv Channel

Nobody Knows Turkish Drama Cast

Nobody Knows Turkish Drama Cast


One night, Sevda has to shelter in the house of Ali Hyuroglu, from this day their impressive love story begins.Ali in early childhood was left without parents. Once upon a time, unique abilities are discovered in him. He is genius and can see in the dark.

The special service takes Ali under its care and gives him a special education, and for many years hiding his name, he serves the state. Ingeniously versed in electronics.

One day, Ali throws everything and moves to a small area – he loses his wife and child, believes that this happened because of his work.

He begins a new life in a new area where he meets Sevda and love.

Sevda approached her dream of becoming the advertising face of one brand. But he finds out that her brother fell into the hands of a mafia nicknamed Pilot, he demands a large sum in exchange for his life.The solution that she finds brings new troubles to her head  Uigar Sarykaya, Who is madly in love with her and obsessed with her, And his people begin to pursue Sevda.

She runs away from him and hides in the house of Ali Huroglu. Ali is known for his good deeds, for which he is called Master Ali. His only goal is to find his missing brother.

When Sevda enters his house that night, he changes not only his life, but also his. However, Uyghur does not intend to retreat from his beloved.

The old scores from the past that Ali intends to reduce make their relationship with Sevda into impossible love.

Previously, the series was planned to be called “Ali and Sevda / Ali ve Sevda”


Keremjem / Keremcem – Ali Hyuroglu

Ozgü Kaya / Özgü Kaya – Sevda Egilmez

Burak Serdar Şanal – Pilot / Suleiman

Engin Hepileri – Uygar Sarykaya

Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar / Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar – Uncle

Sebahat Kumaş – Duigu

Zehra Yılmaz – Tugce

Özlem Başkaya – Hajriye

Taner Turan – Kyoksal

Adnan Biricik – Kurtbey

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