New “Resident Evil” 2020 Major Role

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New “Resident Evil”

According to foreign insiders, the main role in the film adaptation of the video game Resident Evil 3 is claimed by Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Happiness, Welcome to Zombieland).

New "Resident Evil" 2020 Major Role
New “Resident Evil” 2020 Major Role

The information is not officially confirmed. Together with Breslin, minor roles can get Samara Weaving (“I’m Going to Search”) and Brenton Thwaites (“Pirates of the Caribbean 5”).

The name of the potential director is not disclosed.

The video game “Resident Evil 3” is a remake of the third part of 1999.

It was announced last December; its release is scheduled for April 2020. The role of Jill in the Resident Evil franchise was played by Sienna Gillory. Jill is the main protagonist in the original video game.

In the new film, she, as a member of the S.T.A.R.S. police squad, will again clear out Raccoon City from the zombie invasion.

Abigail Breslin recently appeared in the sequel to Zombieland. The judicial drama “Stillwater” is scheduled for fall, where she will play the daughter of hero Matt Damon.

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