Mujeres de negro Cast

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Mujeres de negro Cast, Plot, Story and More. Mujeres de negro is a Mexican telenovela started to shows on  August 22, 2016.


Original title: Mujeres de negro
Production: Televisa
Director: Lily Garza, Fernando Nesme, Jorge Robles
Screenwriter: Martha Carillo, Cristina García, Denisse Pfeiffer, Iván Argüelles
Genre: Soap Opera
Premiere: 2016

Episodes:  50


Mujeres de negro Cast

Mujeres de negro Cast



With smiles on their faces, Vanessa, Jacqueline and Katia are standing on the pier, saying goodbye to their husbands going on a boat trip; however, minutes later, a huge explosion drowns the boat before their eyes in seconds.

This plan was not perfect, but it happened: now they will no longer live under the yoke of unloved husbands, now they are free women.

Vanessa’s marriage has been in crisis since Julio was mired in the dark affairs of his business, as a result of which fraud in their family was commonplace; however, he considered it normal that Vanessa and their son Diego now lived in constant danger.

Jacques has long ceased to smile, every day she lived in fear of beating and psychological tyranny of her husband Lorenzo, who ceased to be a prince on a white horse and turned into a nightmare immediately after the wedding.

Katie could no longer endure her husband’s lingering depression, in which he involved and dragged on herself.

Their plan was terrible, but the “catastrophe” opened the door to a new life in which they can become happy again … however, when the police reveal that a bomb was planted in the boat, they become the first suspects.



Mayrín Villanueva – Vanessa
Alejandra Barros – Jacqueline
Ximena Herrera – Katia
Diego Olivera – Patricio
Arturo Peniche – Bruno
Leticia Calderón – Irene
Alexis Ayala – Julio
Bruno Bichir – Zakarias
Marcelo Córdoba – Eduardo
Mark Tacher – Nicholas

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