Andrei Konchalovsky

Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky (at birth – Andron) was born in the famous family of writers Sergei Mikhalkov and Natalia Konchalovskaya. Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky was received education at the Moscow State Conservatory. Andrei Sergeyevich set foot on the director’s path in 1965 when, after graduating from VGIK, He made the film “The First Teacher”. The film was awarded the […]

Valentin Smirnitsky Biography

Valentin Smirnitsky Biography Valentine was born on June 10, 1944 in Moscow in a creative family. His parents were associated with the cinema, but they were never actors. The decision to become an actor in the of Valentin Smirnitsky came completely spontaneously after participating in school productions. Then Smirnitsky entered the Shchukin school and graduated […]

Valery Leontiev Russian-Soviet singer

This article is about Valery Leontiev Russian-Soviet singer, His Biography, Life, Wife, Songs, 2020 info, Awards, and many more. Born in the Komi Republic, in the village of Ust-Usa. At first, Leontiev dreamed of becoming an oceanologist, but after school he applied to GITIS. However, embarrassment in front of metropolitan students forced him to pick […]

Vladimir Vysotsky Soviet Singer Songwriter & Actor

Vladimir Vysotsky is popular Soviet Singer, Songwriter and Actor, Here is his biography, About his Works, Songs, Lyrics, Spouse, Family, Death and more. Vladimir Vysotsky was born on January 25, 1938 in Moscow in a military family. The early childhood of the future poet was held in a cramped communal apartment. In 1941 – 1943, […]

Vladimir Tishko – Popular Russians in the World

Vladimir Tishko – Popular Russians in the World Vladimir was born on December 25, 1969. In the early years of his life he attend to the School of Performing Arts, where he studied at the faculty of theater and film actor. Like any young man, and even more Vladimir tried to earn a living in […]

Vladimir Turchinsky Famous Russian Television Presenter

Vladimir Turchinsky Famous Russian Television Presenter Vladimir was born on September 28, 1963 in Moscow. Already in his childhood, sport took a leading position in the life of Vladimir Turchinsky. Vladimir was interested in wrestling, then sambo. He decided to get higher education at the Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, but after studying for two […]

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