Mexican series: Médicos (2019)

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Médicos (2019)

Original title: Médicos
Production: Televisa
Producer: José Alberto Castro
Director: Ana Lorena Pérez Ríos, Santiago Barbosa
Screenwriter: Vanesa Varela, Fernando Garcilita
Genre: Medicine, Drama
Premiere: November 11, 2019

Mexican series: Médicos (2019)

Mexican series: Médicos (2019)


Other Information 

Actions in the series take place in a hospital with experienced doctors in each of the areas of medicine.

He talks about Gonzalo Olmedo, an idealist and dedicated physician who was appointed director of the hospital after the sudden death of his predecessor.

After taking office, he discovers the complex work of the hospital, which has health system flaws in times of crisis and corruption. To carry out the transformation, Gonzalo is recruiting a group of leading experts who treat the most difficult cases and at the same time try to heal the wounds of their own lives.


Livia Brito – Regina
Daniel Arenas – David
Grettell Valdez – Anna
José Elías Moreno – Gonzalo
Carlos de la Mota – Luis
Isabel Burr – Cynthia
Marisol del Olmo – Constance
Erika de la Rosa – Mireia
Rodrigo Murray – Renee
Federico Ayos – Raphael
Daniel Tovar – Daniel
Dalilah Polanco – Luz

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