Lo imperdonable Netflix TV Series Cast

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Lo imperdonable Netflix TV Series Cast, Plot, Story, Number of episodes, Premiere date, Production, Director and more information. 

Lo imperdonable Netflix TV Series Cast
Lo imperdonable Netflix TV Series Cast

Story/ Plot

Martin has a brother named Demetrio, who committed suicide because of a woman.

Martin is shocked, he vows to take revenge on her that he will also fall in love with this woman, and then mercilessly turn her existence into hell, even if she is tormented.

In search of the culprit, Martin finds a medallion with which Demetrio did not part for a moment. It was engraved with “V. Prado Castelo. ” Therefore, he goes straight to the Prado Castelo mansion, where a reception was held in honor of the heir to the Emiliano family.

There, Martin meets Virginia and Veronica, who are the cousins ​​of Emiliano. At first glance, Veronica captivates Martin. Emiliano is also in love, and Virginia also loves him, so she says that Veronica has a lot of lovers so that the heir to the Prado Castelo family will be disappointed in her sister.

Upon learning of this, Martin believes that Veronica is the mean woman responsible for the death of his brother. And begins to carry out his revenge.

He will marry Veronica, madly in love with him. And immediately after the wedding, Martin begins to take revenge. But can he so calmly take revenge on her? What to do with your naughty heart? And is it really Veronica who killed Demetrio?


Ana Brenda Contreras as – Veronica
Iván Sánchez – Martin
Sergio Sendel – Emiliano
Grettell Valdéz – Virginia
Juan Ferrara – Jorge
Claudia Ramírez – Magdalena
Guillermo Capetillo – Padre Juan
Alicia Machado – Claudia
Gaby Mellado – Ana
Sebastián Zurita – Pablo
Guillermo García Cantú – Aaron

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Original title: Lo imperdonable
Production: Caridad Bravo Adams
Producer: Aarón Gutiérrez Méndez
Director: Mónica Miguel, Víctor Manuel Fouilloux, Alberto Diaz
Screenwriter: Ximena Suárez, Ricardo Fiallega, Janely Lee, Alejandra Díaz
Composer: Fernando Rossi, Pablo Durano, Elmer Figueroa Arce
Genre: Soap Opera
Number of episodes: 120
Premiere: April 20, 2015

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