Lindsay Lohan is returning to big movie

Lindsay Lohan is returning to big movie post thumbnail image
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According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, the actress is completing negotiations to participate in the thriller with elements of the supernatural “Cursed”.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is returning to big movie

In the film, which will be directed by the director of the original trilogy “I Spit on Your Graves” by Stephen R. Monroe, Lohan will play a police detective. Her partner will be the owner of the Golden Globe Mickey Rourke (Wrestler).

The joint production of “Cursed” will be done by the studios Angel Oak Films and Alt House Productions, and Angel Oak will be responsible for promoting the European film market in Berlin. The start of filming is scheduled for the summer of this year.

Cursed tells the story of the famous psychiatrist Dr. David Elder (Rourke), who teams up with police detective Mary Branigan (Lohan) to stop an escaped patient from the psychiatric ward and prevent the killing of five hostages held in a remote house.

Fans of Rourke’s talent may have recently seen him in the melodrama “Berlin I Love You”.

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