La Piloto Popular Spanish TV Series Cast

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La Piloto Popular Spanish TV Series Cast, Story, Plot, Production and more info. La Piloto  Episodes are 162, Telecast started from 2017.

La Piloto Popular Spanish TV Series Cast

La Piloto Popular Spanish TV Series Cast

Story/ Plot

The series tells the story of a girl named Yolanda, a young Mexican stewardess who discovers how far she can go in order to fulfill her cherished dream to become an airline pilot.

The killing of her father gives her the incentive necessary to achieve her goal. Her first contact with the world of aviation – she became a stewardess struggling with the many obstacles that arise through competition in a completely male environment.

John Lucio, the drug lord, is held captive and in great need of a ransom, but Zulima, the flight attendant, cannot deliver to John and asks Yolanda to do so.

Yolanda is drawn into the drug business, and John Lucio teaches her to fly, but Dave Mehia, a DEA agent to whom she initially had feelings, puts her in the center of a burning love triangle.

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Livia Brito – Yolanda
Arap Bethke – John Lucio
María Fernanda Yepes – Zulima
Alejandro Nones – Oscar Lucio
María de la Fuente – Monica Ortego
Verónica Montes – Elizabeth
Natasha Domínguez – Amanda
María Fernanda García – Estela
Mauricio Aspe – Arleys
Stephanie Salas – Rosalba
Arturo Barba – Zeki
Tommy Vásquez – Arnoldo
Macarena Achaga – Olivia Nieves (Season 1)
Oka Giner – Olivia Nieves (season 2)
Juan Colucho – Dave
Margarita Muñoz – Andrea
Ilza Ponko – Irina
Lisardo – Vasily
Paulo Quevedo – Bill
Juan Vidal – Bastian
Julia Urbini – Feligidad
Mauricio Pimentel – Muneko
Nico Galán – Wilmer
Julio Echeverry – Gilberto



Original title: La Piloto
Production: W Studios, Lemon Films Studios
Director: Álvaro Curiel, Rolando Ocampo, Fernando Rovzar, David Ruiz, Alejandro Lozano
Screenwriter: Jörg Hiller, Maria Cecilia Boenheim, Jorge Cervantes, Jairo Estrada, Carolina Barrera Meléndez, Carlos Bardasano
Genre: Crime Thriller, Drama
Premiere: broadcast on Las Estrellas (Univision) from March 7, 2017 to October 7, 2018.

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